The TMD Model - Model of Craniomandibular and Vertebral Biomechanics ®

What is it?

The dental-orthopedic teaching model


The TMD model is a high quality perspex teaching device with great technical functions. This beautifully designed model displays a full size cranium, mandible with a detailed TMJ, and cervical column mounted on a black perspex background.

Both cranium and mandible have movable dental arches capable of displaying various malocclusions. Normal and abnormal head positions can be easily shown by loosening the bolt at the back of the model. A forward head posture will demonstrate abnormal craniomandibular and craniocervical relationships with abnormal loading consequences.


A large number of coil springs, connecting various movable parts, represent various muscles and ligaments. The model (dimensions 33 cm by 46 cm) can be placed on two perspex feet or be hung on the wall in your office.

Patient instruction form

Download the patient instruction form here (pdf, 107kb). This form may be handed out to the patient for proper understanding and exercise instructions. It may also be used as a referral form to other medical specialties.


A series of animations will demonstrate normal and abnormal functions in the head, neck and jaw area. Explain your patients how parafunctions, such as clenching and grinding, may lead to overloading of muscles and joints in the head and neck area. Painful conditions such as facial pain and headaches may be the result of this abnormal loading.

Millimeter ruler

A free millimeter ruler accompanies the model and enables the clinician proper recordings of mandibular excursions.

Occlusal appliance

An occlusal appliance comes with the model free. The clinician can now easily demonstrate the benefits of an appliance.

Additional set of dental arches with implants

An additional set of dental arches with dental implants may be ordered seperately. Posterior implants offer a stable occlusal support, thereby maintaining healthy TMJ functions.

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"I have found the Biomec model most helpful in explaining the biomechanics of TMJ to my patients. It has also served me well as an expert witness. I use it everyday in my practice." - Dr. Michael L. Gelb Read more >